Mr Funguin here.

Sir Lemons has quit CP and he told me this the last time he was on MSN.

He hasnt been on since, and I dont know what happened.

So, Thanks for coming to this blog and helping us build this fantastic blog!

I will try to post.

Until that happens, visit my blog:


*turns off tv.*


Further Info

OK, the momement has finally arrived! You can now go to for everything! The new new site is nearly up to speed and is fully functional! Be sure to check it out!

Hi, Here is an update

My new blog went into downtime and the server lost all its data and now I cannot signup again so I am moving to a new blog, again. It will be located @ but It still needs some work as I did manage a backup a few days before the server went down. I will inform you when the new site is ready!

Everything moved!

My new site is now up and running! It is available @ and for the blog: links and info are available in the previous post).

Please Spread the word of my new site! Thank-you!

Guess What day it is!

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I live in Cairo, Egypt. I goto CAC(Cairo Americacn College). This was a concert at out school.

Comment Appreciation

I really like what Spurs1996 said about free memberships and why CP will not give them away. Here is what he said.

“Guys, I know you want free membership, but I’m a non-member, and if CP start handing out free ones, they’ll go bust. The only way to keep cp running is memberships. They depend on them to run servers, get paid and even keep their job. I respect you guys want free ones, but CP will never give them to you! And would you rather there was cp and you were a non member, or there is no cp. And anyway, $5.95 is REALLY CHEAP! If you’re parents won’t let you have that, then, I guess they’re just mean.”

Thanks Spurs1996!

Team Panda’s Code Freak

P.S. If any flash programmers come by this post, please give me your email and name in the comments.


~Code Freak